Smart Home

Alexa goes audiophile: Why Amazon may finally be getting serious about audio

January 15, 2020

Sorry, Alexa: Amazon Echo speakers are at the bottom of my list for music listening. Yes, I know the company has a bajillion speakers already, but the [...]

The best coffee grinders you can buy right now

January 10, 2020

To make great coffee, it’s essential to grind your beans right before you brew. And for that you’ll need a home coffee grinder. Don’t [...]

IRobot’s Terra robot lawn mower cuts the grass while you relax

January 10, 2020

For some, mowing the lawn is intensely satisfying. For others, it’s a time-consuming chore. If the latter sounds like you, take heart. Help is on the [...]

Google Assistant learns how to speak Australian

December 18, 2019

The two latest voices for Google Assistant will sound a bit different than the rest.   Google offers a handful of voice options for its digital [...]

Amazon’s Echo devices get redesign on the way to world domination

December 9, 2019

Amazon’s products are the minivans of the devices world. They’re plastic-encased, utilitarian and sometimes ugly. But they work, are [...]

CES 2019: Node-ify is the super-sensing smart puck for your home

December 3, 2019

Startup Node-ify is at CES 2019 with a smart-home device that can sense everything from temperature and weight to humidity and motion.  The white, round [...]

Apple just turned your ancient AirPort Express router into an AirPlay 2 wireless speaker dongle

November 26, 2019

You’ve got to hand it to Apple. Even though the company hasn’t updated its AirPort Express router since 2012, and even though it discontinued [...]

Amazon’s $25 Smart Plug brings Alexa brains to dumb electrical appliances

November 23, 2019

If you want your dumb coffeepot to work in your smart home, Amazon has a way: The Wi-Fi connected Amazon Smart Plug. The $25 (£25) app-controlled device [...]

6 reasons you need a smart sprinkler

November 18, 2019

  For many smart home devices, deciding whether or not you need them is a matter of preference. I understand if you’d rather get up and flip off a [...]

Neato fills out vacuum lineup with nods to value seekers, pet owners

November 4, 2019

Two new vacuums join the ranks of Neato Robotics’ product line at IFA. The first, $499 Botvac D4 Connected, is aimed squarely at price-conscious [...]